A Christian Christmas?

Recently I was with some young people, while they were discussing Christmas. According to them, it was just a pagan festival from the dark ages, called ‘Yule’.
This was a time, in the middle of the European winter, when people would party hard, to keep themselves going, until the spring.
And indeed, there is historical truth in that. But for these people, this was all. Missing was any notion of celebrating the birth of Christ.
Some Christian sects share this historical picture, calling it a paganization of Christianity, and saying we shouldn’t celebrate it.
Certainly, the Church took over this pagan festival. But it was for missional reasons: to draw unbelievers into the Christian faith, by providing an alternative to their festivities.
Of course, we don’t really know when Jesus was born, but it’s surely a good thing to have a party for the birth of our Saviour.
If we can’t celebrate that, what can we celebrate? Today, Christmas helps us remember our salvation. But it also gives us an opportunity to share what we believe with others.
So, why not invite our family and friends to the Nativity Service on 4th December or our Christmas Gospel Concert on 11th?

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