New Beginnings – A letter from the Pastor


The time of new beginnings and re-launches.

After the summer holidays, schools and universities start back. People begin new jobs and possibly relocate to new homes (maybe in London). Somethings start to pick up again.

It is especially true in this time of Covid. The virus is still with us. Indeed, we may be witnessing a fresh surge in cases, facilitated perhaps by the return to schools itself.

Nevertheless, with the widespread adoption of vaccines, and the decline in deaths due to Coronavirus, a renewed sense of “normal” is reviving.


Church Groups

Many of our groups in church will restart, for example, our teens and children’s groups. We are also planning to start a crèche on Sunday mornings for families with pre-school children.

Our midweek service “Breathe” will also begin again soon.

In addition, our small groups will reconvene. I really encourage you to get involved in one. They are a great way to grow spiritually, as well as make closer relationships.

Some will continue to be online, others may go physical, depending on the comfort level of those in each group.


Safety measures

At all church services and groups in the building, we are asking people to keep wearing face coverings, and to maintain social distancing, in order to minimise the chance of spreading the virus to others.

We realise that there are different views on whether to take the vaccines, but as a church we encourage you to do so. It is the best way for us, as a civilisation, to beat this disease.

It’s interesting that, although this virus was not around in Biblical times, they did know about infectious diseases.

Some of the precautions sound a lot like ours, with face coverings & social isolation:

45 “Anyone with such a defiling disease must wear torn clothes, let their hair be unkempt, cover the lower part of their face and cry out, ‘Unclean! Unclean!’ 46 As long as they have the disease they remain unclean. They must live alone; they must live outside the camp.

Leviticus 13.45-46


Coming to the church building

Of course, different people will also feel different levels of safety about coming to the church building at all. Some are clinically vulnerable. Others are simply nervous.

We don’t want to put pressure on anyone about this. Each of us must ask God how he wants us to respond.

So, our services will continue to be livestreamed online as well, for those who want to worship with us in this way. This is not a second best, but is an authentic way of being church in these times.


Sharing Christ

As we return to church for the autumn, we also need to be concerned for those who do not know Jesus.

This is an opportune time to share Christ’s love with others, both through actions and in words.

Who is God laying on your heart to reach out to? Maybe offer to pray for them, do an errand for them, or invite them to church services.

Alternatively invite them to the Alpha Course.

This is a brilliant way to introduce someone to the basics of Christian faith – it’s also a great refresher course for anyone who’s been around for a long time!

So, let’s support and pray for each other, as we continue along our long road of obedience together!

God bless and see you soon,


Steve Latham

Pastor of The King’s Cross Baptist Church

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