Our Story

Many nations and All generations

We believe our diversity says something powerful and profound to this world: that people from every age group, nation and background are invited to be part of God’s family, through Jesus. Currently, we have over thirty nationalities in our fellowship.

What we believe

Our evangelical conviction means we believe Jesus is Good News for the world around us and that as His church we’re called to announce and demonstrate the reality of this Good News!

Our Baptist roots mean we believe in the call for personal conversion and discipleship of Christ, accompanied by baptism by immersion and the commission for the whole church to serve Jesus together in His mission in our 21st century, globalised urban context!

Our Vision

Our vision is taken from Jesus’ offer to all people in John 10: “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.”  

In these words Jesus offers new life, which goes on forever in a renewed heaven and earth, AND a transformed life now in the present, as we grow in our relationship with Him and fulfil his purposes for us here on earth!

This means embarking on a journey of discipleship that embodies God’s Kingdom values of truth, justice, peace hope and love to the world around us, where we seek to put God and others above ourselves! 

It means living out this new life with each other, the church; a community of imperfect people journeying together on pilgrimage towards God’s glorious future for the whole world.

We know this doesn’t mean a problem-free life. But we are confident of God’s promise to be present with us in everything we face, working in us, through us, and around us as we follow Him and seek to see His goodness break into our world.

It's all about Jesus

Christianity is not about following a set of rules or obeying rituals.

It’s about being in a personal and living relationship with Jesus

Where do I start?

Serving God's mission with partners

We recognise that we are just one small part of God’s family here on earth. So we are committed to partnering with others as we serve God in His mission in London and beyond. This includes groups such as Baptists Together, London Baptist Association, Baptist Mission Society and Evangelical Alliance.  

Baptists' ‘Declaration of Principle’

Statement of belief

Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith

Statement of belief

Nicene and Apostle’s Creeds

Historical Creed

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