Welcome To KCBC

Living Life to the Full

Like the capital our congregation comprises of people of many nations and every generation.

A Church in the heart of London

We are located just a few minutes walk from King’s Cross St Pancras station in the bustling centre of our global multi-everything city. 

Morning Service

11am | Sundays

Our English service on Sundays is now meeting in the church building though you can also catch it livestreaming online.


7pm | Thursdays

Breathe is a get-together turned chilled-out service.  Meeting in the building and  livestreaming online.

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Belong and get involved

New to KCBC?

We have new people at KCBC all the time. You are welcome to come along, and feel free to join the most relevant group to you.

Life at King's Cross

Meeting weekly in smaller intimate groups

A series of videos and teachings for our growth in faith

There is a lot taking place at KCBC every the week

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