A window for the world to look into and see KCBC

We have a new website!

I am glad to let you all know that the new website is here. We have been working on it for the last few months and it’s good to finally have it out for everyone all to see.

Some of you knew it was coming and some did not, but I hope you are all equally as proud of it when you see it.


The website is usually the first experience people have now-a-days. It shows who we are, what we do, and what we believe in. Not just to those around us here in London, but to anyone around the world.

We have seen students come to London and seek us because they have seen us online or during their research of churches in the city.

Some have been introduced to us after meeting one of our members, but their first port of call is our website. It is our window for the world to look into and see what’s happening at KCBC.


So why do we need a new website?

Well there are three reasons why we decided to do this. We have been talking about it for a while, but it just so happens that now was the best time this could happen. The reasons are:


As you can imagine COVID-19 has changed a lot of things for us. Some things are never going to change back to the way they were. Therefore it is important to adapt to the new reality and what some are calling the new normal.

This means that an online presence is more important now than it has ever been. We know that we can’t accommodate everyone with social distancing when the church is open. This means that most people are relying on our online presence, which not only include our social media, but the website as well.

By working to produce a website like this, we hope it will make it easier for our members, attendees, alumni and anyone else who’s interested in the King’s Cross Baptist Church to see what we are doing and become part of it in whichever capacity they can.



We want something that reflects The King’s Cross Baptist Church as it is now. As those that have come to KCBC know, things change every year.

As we are located in the heart of London, people come, and people go. Some come for work, some for study. Some grow, move into a different life stage and decide to move out of London.

They all shape who we are by contributing to the church in their own way when they are here.

One thing that is constant is KCBC is and has always been a multicultural multi-generational church. Something that we are proud of. This website will showcase some of those qualities to the world.

Living in this in this city and being so diverse and so inclusive is part of KCBC. As Jesus tells us to live in the world but not be of the world.

So our message is that whoever you are, whatever age or background, you are welcome in God’s Kingdom. We hope the website reflects that and reflects us.



We are always trying to make improvements. If you came to the church five years ago, we hope that you can see somethings have changed for the better.

The website is one such thing that needs to change and adapt with time. Even something like the design, the presentation, the people, the colours, it all needs to adapt and change with time.

Anyone in business or tech will tell you nothing starts off perfect. That is why we are always having to update apps on our phones.

Our website  is no different. It needs marginal improvements as time goes on, then comes a time when revamping the whole site is needed.

It is all part of moving closer to our best self, and in this instance, as KCBC, moving closer to God and His mission for us as His people.



What are we hoping to achieve?

When I was looking for a church before I came to KCBC, the first thing I did was look online at church websites.

They told me who the church was, the kind of people that I might expect to find there, and their beliefs. This gave me some clarity in choosing which church to try out.

With this website we are hoping to showcase who we are as The King’s Cross Baptist Church, what we stand for and the kind of people any visitor can find here.

We hope it will also show the kind of things we do, how active we are, and how fun an environment it can be.

We are also hoping this will contribute to achieving a stronger sense of community.

By having our website, our social media and YouTube channel all working together, we hopefully get to keep more in contact with our members and with our regular attenders.

COVID-19 is meant in the change of the way we work and the way we do church. If we cannot go out and meet people in person then maybe the website and our online experience can do part of the work for us.

The objective is for people to see who God is and what He can do in their lives.



How can you play a part?

What we need is for people to interact with us online and on social media. You can send prayer requests, tithings, or any other queries on the website.

Our social media is where we share events coming up, sermons, motivational talks and whatever is happening in the life of KCBC.

One other thing we need your support on is our YouTube channel. If you go to YouTube, you can search for KCBC London and you will be able to find our channel.

We need people to subscribe to the channel because the more people that subscribe, the more features that YouTube allows us.

This will mean we can reach out to more people more effectively and be able to spread the word of God in more ways.

The best and simplest you could help however, is through prayer. As Christians, we believe everything we do is rooted in prayer.

We need your prayers to make sure that this website reaches whoever it is supposed to reach, and it gets to whomever it is supposed to get to.

This website is nothing but a tool. A tool has to be sharpened but even the sharpest tool is of no use if it is not utilised.

So prayers that this tool can be used by the right hands, in the right way, to affect the right people, are important to make sure that we are doing our work in Christ.

If you have any feedback, notes and/or suggestions about the website, feel free to reach out to me anytime via email or the contact form.

Your voice as a member, attendee, alumni, past/future visitor or web browser is important to us.

Thank you for your support.


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