God’s Global Mission


Genesis 12.1-3

We tend to think that ‘mission’ is an invention of the Christian Church. Some even dismiss it as relic of western imperialism.

And no doubt it was bound up with colonialist and capitalist expansion. But that is not all there is to ‘mission’ as such’.

Mission originates in the heart of God from all eternity. He created the universe, as an overflow of his own love, within the Trinity.

And then he called one man to be the bearer of blessing for all nations – Abraham. God called Abraham from his home to go a promised land.

God promised too bless Abraham, but only so that he could then be a blessing to all nations of the earth.

Because we have responded to God with the same kind of faith which Abraham showed, we are spiritual children of Abraham (Romans 4.16).

And therefore, we too can be agents of God’s blessing to the nations. Here at KCBC, this is part of our Mission Statement – “to bless the nations by proclaiming Christ”.

And this is why we are holding a Missions Sunday on 27th December, when we can focus on God’s global plan to bless all nations through his Son, Jesus Christ.

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