All ages, all stages of life, all welcome



Welcome to KCBC Young Adults! As the comments above show we’re a pretty mixed bunch and we love it that way!


We don’t have a fixed age bracket, but we’re that group in the church who find ourselves somewhere in our 20s & 30s, and in whole range of life stages.

Singles, couples, married & young parents, some of us have grown up in London while others have moved here from all part of the world for work….

What we have in common we realize that we’ve been made for something more than the world often tells us.

It is something bigger and better than the media, news and much of culture says. And that’s a life knowing and following Jesus, and as a group we want to keep exploring what that looks like in today’s world! 


At KCBC Young Adults we’re on a journey together!

Jesus didn’t come to give us stale and formulated theological statements but invite us onto a life journey that is far better than anything else we could have imagined!

We want to bring our questions, concerns and ideas – about our own lives and the world around us – and discover what Jesus has to say about it all!



Being a follower of Jesus starts with coming to God as we are but it doesn’t finish there. It’s about moving on to become more of who He’s created us to be.  

At KCBC Young Adults this means not just learning more about God, but also learning more about ourselves, exploring what sort of people He’s made us with all the skills, abilities and passions He’s given us and discovering how we can use those to honour Him and love others!  


The Bible says it’s far better to give than to receive, and for us KCBC Young Adults that means we want to commit to serving each other, serving the wider church and serving the world around us, here in London! 

There’s a whole range of ways that we do this @ KCBC and we are always looking for more people to join us as we follow Jesus in this way. We’d love for you to be part of that!

Get Connected

If you’re in your 20s & 30s and want to get connected to KCBC Young Adults we’d love to meet you.

We run a number of weekly Life Groups, meet regularly for socials in different parts of London and link up with the students for the annual weekend retreat.  

If you’d like to know more about all this, or if you would like to meet over a drink and chat more about life in London as a young adult then just send us an email and we’d love to tell you more.