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Café Eden

From movie nights to conferences, workshops to breakfast gatherings, Cafe Eden offers the perfect space for people to meet together, either formally or informally, over a cup of coffee or a bite to eat.

More Than Just a Hang out Spot

Through the academic year Café Eden opens up as a free drop-in café for local university students to enjoy some homemade cakes while unwinding over some board games or catching up with some work.

The Café also serves as a wider venue for church events and activities from live music nights, film nights, cultural celebrations and even cooking classes!

Café Eden is also available for hire and has proved popular for groups looking to host informal gatherings or more formal meetings and training, fitted with a small kitchen area.

Café Eden
What's on in Cafe Eden?

We will look to post any particular events taking place at Café Eden in this space or you can check our Facebook page

If you are interested in renting Café Eden for a gathering or meeting please do email us with any enquiries at