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Church is about community. A community that comes together for a common goal: to worship and praise the Lord and Saviour. 

Like any other community it would not function well if it was all about giving. At the same time it would not function well either if it was all about taking. There has to be a balance of both among the members. 

As Christians we seek to serve our surrounding communities. Our members give their time to do this but take away the fulfillment and joy that comes with it. 

Prayer is the always in the centre of all we do. For direction, guidance, thanks humility, strength, wisdom and much much more. 

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Praying is a big part of KCBC’s life! We regularly meet together to pray for each other, for the community and city here in London and for the wider world. 


At KCBC we believe church is all about living life together. This means celebrating, sharing, learning and serving together!


As a church we are committed to serving the city and world around with God’s Love and this takes on many different forms.