London's always buzzing, and KCBC is no different



Life Groups are a foundational part to the ongoing life of KCBC (excuse the pun!)

They provide the chance for people to meet in smaller groups, in people’s homes, or out and about in the city, and spend time thinking about what it means to be followers of Jesus in our daily lives. 

A Way To Do Life
Café Eden

During the week, we have several Life groups, which we encourage people to plug into. The groups meet on different days, at different times, to make it easier for people to join in.

These are where we ‘do life’. They are small groups, designed to create community in our big city.

We study the Bible, pray for each other, worship God; and meet for social occasions, having parties and picnics, as the weather dictates!

There's a life group for everyone

If you’d like to join a Life Group then do just get in touch and we’d be happy to give you more details.